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I need a logo and
a new website.

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We can do that!
The FOUNDATION PLAN is perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

I want to improve my
online visibility.

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We can do that, too!
The ENDURANCE PLAN gets your name out there with increased conversions.

I need hosting and
website maintenance.

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And that!
The MAINTENANCE PLAN takes the work off your hands.

Our plans aren’t a pricing gimmick – we’ve found that’s the best way to help you achieve your business goals. Unlike conventional project-based marketing where you pay separately for each piece – and never know how much everything will cost until it’s done – our Digital Fitness plans packages everything you’ll need for one flat price.

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We Are Digital Fitness

When choosing to work with Digital Fitness, you get an entire team, including an expert Digital Coach, who will work tirelessly to keep your business’s digital marketing strategy driving your business forward.