Understanding Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques

Search engines continue to find new ways to improve the user experience. In the past, businesses could boost their ranking simply by keyword stuffing, but this often prevented users from finding what they were after. Today, search engines consider techniques such as this to be a black hat SEO technique. What are Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques and why are they of importance?

White Hat And Black Hat SEO Techniques

White hat SEO Techniques function to boost a website’s ranking over a period of time, and the techniques continue to work long after the changes have been made. Black hat techniques, in contrast, are frowned upon by search engines and are often used to boost a site’s ranking quickly, without any regard for the long term results. White hat techniques focus on both the user and the search engines, while black hat techniques focus solely on the search engines.

White Hat SEO Techniques

  • Quality content serves as the hallmark of any white hat SEO plan. When a site contains well-written content that is unique, the search engines reward this site. The content must be relevant to the search word or phrase to obtain the most benefit from this technique.
  • Semantic markup is essential, as this markup allows the search engine to understand the site’s content. Heading elements are also essential and must be used properly to ensure the search engines add more weight to the content found here. Furthermore, when CSS is used to separate the various design elements of the site, the code tends to be leaner, which eases the crawling process for the search engine bots.
  • Keyword research must be done, as sites need to know what users are searching for when creating content. The selected keywords must then be used throughout the site, including in the title and heading elements, for the optimal results. Long tail keywords should be the focus here, as this is what users tend to search for more often now.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

  • Keyword stuffing is no longer acceptable to search engines. Although this technique worked in the past, it no longer does. Keep this in mind when creating content.
  • Hidden text cannot be seen by site visitors. Search engines can detect this text, however, and they now consider it to be spam. Remove any hidden text from the site to boost the site’s ranking.
  • Paid links obtained through link farming do more harm than good. These free-for-all pages are designed to provide a list of sites that have no relation to each other. Search engines don’t approve of these sites, as they don’t provide traffic for the sites listed.

Know the difference between Black Hat and White Hat Techniques. Search engines penalize those sites using black hat techniques, and no business can afford to be penalized in this way, as this leads to a loss in business. Never discount the importance of Black Hat Verse White Hat SEO. Doing so will be detrimental to your business.