Why an IT Professional and Web Designer Must Work Together Before Your New Website Goes Live

If I’ve learned anything in my 30 years of working in the IT field it’s that most web designers don’t know squat about IT. Okay, candidly most of them know just enough ‘to be dangerous’, which is the problem.

Small business owners mistakenly believe that a good web designer must know a lot about computers and networks and, therefore, can help with their business computer issues. There seems to be a belief that if someone is savvy enough to build a high-quality website, they must also know a lot about computer networks.  Unfortunately, I have found that to be the exception rather than the norm.

In all fairness, most IT professionals know just enough about website design to do a horrible job at it.

You might think that, since both web designers and IT guys deal with technology, their skills would overlap. But, that’s like saying that a brain surgeon and a podiatrist have the same skill set because they both work on parts of the human body. Obviously both doctors would share some general medical knowledge and training, but after that their specialties and the skillsets required to do their jobs vary wildly.

It’s the same way with web designers. A truly great web design team must have an intricate knowledge of graphic design, layout, photography, marketing, copywriting, and coding.  However, a truly great IT team should be experts in project management, network design, computer repair, server maintenance, and how email works.

Different skill sets and expertise.

So, what does this mean for you as a small business owner working with a quality web designer? First, if you already have a great IT company that you work with, you need to include them in the planning discussion with your web designer from day one. If you don’t have a great IT company, contact us at 608-755-1524. We are already familiar with the process and have helped many small businesses like yours.

What many small business owners (and careless web designers) fail to realize is that changes made to your website or web hosting company can adversely affect things in your network that your IT company already has in place such as how your email works, whether you can work remotely, and how spam is filtered. If your web designer is unaware of these configurations, changes to your website or hosting can instantly break these things and bring them, and your business, to a screeching halt.

An initial discussion with you, your web designer, and your IT company is usually all it takes to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and without interruption.

Considering a website facelift? Introduce your web designer and your IT company at the very first meeting. The time and cost of that meeting will far outweigh the pain and time of fixing things that could have easily been avoided.

James Pearson from The Computer Center in Janesville

About James Pearson

James Pearson is the President of The Computer Center, a 36-year-old IT company located in Janesville, Wisconsin. He and his team have helped hundreds of small businesses create stable, secure, productive, and efficient networks that help businesses grow and be profitable. For more information visit https://www.computer-center.com or give us a call at 608-755-1524 to see how we can help your business eliminated IT frustrations.