Don’t Lose Business Because of WordPress and eCommerce Website Design Flaws

Today’s business owners rely heavily on their websites to generate sales. Provide ways for clients to communicate with the organization is crucial. That means any Website Design Flaws will impact the business’s success. The content management system, or CMS, selected will play a major role in maintaining and updating the site. WordPress is commonly selected as a CMS and is certainly a great option. The CMS however must be carefully managed to ensure it’s easy to use not only today but in the future as well. For the best results from your website, there are a few important factors to remember.

Avoid the DIY Approach

Every business today has competition. That means website must look and perform as well or, preferably, better than competitors’ offerings. In other words, a less-than-perfectly-designed site is unlikely to garner the results a business needs. The mistakes businesses make in web design are often obvious to even casual site visitors. These issues may hurt the business in more subtle ways. Google and the other search engines all employ sophisticated algorithms to rank sites. Sites that don’t meet all the requirements are heavily penalized and are not likely to see their sites rank well in the search engine organic rankings.

Keep All Content Fresh

Part of having a site rank highly is the site’s content. Everything on the site should have a distinct purpose or it shouldn’t be there. That means avoiding fluff filler. Site visitors want information when they visit a site and will quickly click to the next site on the list if a current site doesn’t contain the information they expect or if that information is too difficult to find or sift through. To further complicate the issues, a site must be viewable on a variety of screens. Smartphones and tablets now make up a large percentage of the devices used to access websites, and a site’s content must be easy to see and navigate on any size of screen.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Even some of the best sites lack a clear call to action. Every eCommerce Website must include an obvious call to action and provide an easy way for shoppers to complete a transaction. Skilled website designers know how to incorporate these and other aspects of the sites they work on. Clients opting to try the DIY design route routinely fail to make buying easy, which means site visitors simply move on to a competitor’s site to make their purchase.

You can avoid WordPress and eCommerce Website Design Flaws by taking advantage of skilled design experts. Web Design mistakes small businesses make hurt sales, avoid them by using a quality CMS and working closely with design professionals.

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