eCommerce Website Marketing

When it’s time to expand by opening an online store there are a lot of options. Is there any difference between WordPress and eCommerce website marketing? Which will work best?

Can a WordPress Website Become an Online Store?

WordPress works well as a blog site. You can use WordPress for an eCommerce website, but you will need considerably more technical expertise to set up an online store. With WordPress, you build and have full control of the website, but that comes at a heavy cost.

These functions are possible, but can technically complicate WordPress and require frequent maintenance.

  • Processing payments on your own server, rather than relying on PayPal, etc.
  • An integrated inventory/payments system.

What is Required for an Effective eCommerce Website?

Shopping cart software dictates the exact function of custom eCommerce websites. Here are some components:

  • The web host is the bricks-and-mortar of an online store. Consider bandwidth, reliability, support, features and cost.
  • Using Merchant interfaces to manage the store should have all of the necessary features, but still be simple and straight-forward to use.
  • The product catalog is what the customers see and will need a lot of time and effort. Page design and layout are critical, as is page loading speed.
  • The sales process must flow smoothly and quickly. If there are too many forms to fill out or glitches, this can result in customers abandoning the sale.
  • Processing payments online involve sending the payment information to a payment gateway for validation and confirmation and transferring the payment to the merchant account. This must work perfectly.
  • There are many options that customers want: free, next day, second day, ground, etc.
  • Calculating, collecting, and paying taxes are a necessary function of an online store. Will products be sold outside the U.S.?
  • Customers reach an online store after a search on Google, Bing, etc. Search engine optimization (SEO) will be needed to have the link to the store appear at the top of the search engine results. Paid advertising can also be useful in attracting customers.

A website specifically designed for use for eCommerce website marketing is more productive, as a result, less hassle than trying to force a WordPress site to mimic an eCommerce website. Consult with experts before choosing the best eCommerce solution for your business.
Janis Henslee, Co-Owner of i5 LLC in Madison, WI.