Your web designer is not an IT company. Further, every web designer I’ve ever spoken to does not want to fix your computer or network.

I’ve found that small business owners mistakenly think that since web development and network support are both technology related fields your web developer must be able to fix your computer problems.  But, that’s like saying that a brain surgeon and a podiatrist have the same skill set because they both work on parts of the human body.  Obviously both doctors would share some general medical knowledge and training, but after that their specialties and the skillsets required to do their jobs vary wildly.

Each of the two fields have very different focuses and skill sets and, while you should always work with both on related projects, asking your IT guy to build you a website is probably not the best idea and asking your web designer to fix your computer is equally a recipe for disaster or frustration.

While it’s certainly true that the two fields share a basic knowledge and passion of technology, their specialties separate them.

So, how do you choose a great web design company? Look for these key skills:

  • They have strong communication skills and a process for getting your ideas and message onto the web.
  • They have a background in graphic design and layout.
  • They understand that a website is more than just a digital brochure, it’s a marketing and communication vehicle for attracting new clients and educating existing clients.
  • They understand that improperly configured settings (like DNS and MX records) can adversely affect your business and even break things your IT company has put into place.
  • They are masters at content creation and search engine optimization, to make sure that your site is working for you day and night.

On the IT side, watch for these characteristics of a great company:

  • They are masters at managing all IT projects, especially those that include outside vendors like web designers.
  • They understand the value of a strong web presence, even if they aren’t the ones providing it.
  • They work with small businesses, not just homes or individuals whose needs and the complexity of their networks are vastly different.
  • They are able to look at the big picture, including all things technology related and all your business goals to design a perfect solution.

Before you ask your web designer to have a look at your network, or to fix that nagging computer issue, consider reaching out to a qualified IT professional that specializes in small businesses.  Further, to make sure your next website project goes off without a hitch, include your IT company in the very first planning meeting with your web developer.  That small investment in time will pay off by avoiding potential problems with changing your website or hosting company that only an IT company may know about.

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James Pearson from The Computer Center in Janesville

About James Person

James Pearson is the President of The Computer Center, a 36-year-old IT company located in Janesville, Wisconsin.  He and his team have helped hundreds of small businesses create stable, secure, productive, and efficient networks that help businesses grow and be profitable.  For more information visit or give us a call at 608-755-1524 to see how we can help your business eliminated IT frustrations.