Successful Web Design

A small business’ website is typically at the center of its online marketing efforts and that is why it is so important to work with a professional in order to achieve successful web design. However, not all sites work to their full potential in attracting leads and converting them into customers. Sites missing important features and information can cause visitors to leave—and not come back. To keep visitors coming back, ensure that the site includes these elements of Successful Web Design.

Readily Visible Contact Info

The business owner should design the website to encourage customers to perform a certain action. If the goal is to get the customer to call, visit or ask for more information, it is critical to display updated, accurate contact information. This tip may seem obvious, but it is a big issue for many small business owners. Over 60% of all small businesses in the United States don’t display a contact phone number on the home page. Almost 75% of websites also do not provide an email address. To make it easier for customers to get in touch, include the phone number or a “Contact Us” button on each page.

Live Chat

The live chat is another way for customers to get in contact with the business owner, and chat can hep to convert a visitor into a return customer. With such a lead generator, potential customers can learn more about the business. By answering visitors’ questions, live chat allows the business owner to build a rapport with the customer at an important time.

Social Media Buttons

In today’s interconnected business environment, social media is a crucial component. Customers expect to communicate with companies through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, according to industry experts, fewer than 20% of all small business websites include links to their social media pages. These platforms are a good way for customers to learn about the business, connect with others, and get the information they need. If the business is not already on social media, the owner should consider adding it to their toolbox of Web Design Elements.


By having videos on the site, the business owner can build the company’s credibility. This attracts customers who may not have time to read a lengthy explanation of services and products. Potential customers will value the convenience that video provides, and videos are a good way to show the business’ personality to its target audience.

Accurate, Balanced Content

When designing a successful small business website, information should not be crammed onto pages. Rather than being helpful, congested pages are a form of information overload, and visitors will not spend much time on such pages. The information provided should be accurate and up-to-date. For instance, if a service is no longer offered, that section should be removed. A professional web designer can help business owners effectively arrange website information.

Simple, Modern Design

Bad website designs should remain in the 90s. Garish colors, all-caps, blinking text, and other dated elements all convey the message that the business isn’t keeping up with the times. Even if an owner is not a web designer or developer, Elements of Modern Web Design can help them create a pleasant, effective company site.

Functionality and User-Friendliness

Proper functionality goes a long way in improving the user experience. Page load times, working links, and site formatting all affect the way customers see the website. For instance, although it may create visual interest, Flash can create SEO issues and cause pages to load slower. Moreover, Flash is not mobile-friendly, and using it can drive away some mobile visitors. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to get online, but most small business sites aren’t optimized for smartphones and tablets. A web designer can help a business owner create a site that works equally well on a desktop, tablet or phone.

How does the business’ website measure up where these Key Web Design Features are concerned? If there is doubt, the business owner should take the time to perform a site audit. Use this guide as a step-by-step checklist so areas for improvement can be found. By using these Successful Web Design tips and equipping the small business website with features customers can use to make informed decisions, owners can increase the site’s effectiveness of successful web design and conversion rate.

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