Social Media Marketing: How to Benefit From Social Shopping

Online shopping habits have changed and the term social shopping is what experts use to describe said change. Currently, approximately 74 percent of all consumers are turning to social media when deciding what they want to buy and where they should purchase their products. Business owners anxious to increase their profits have to consider how they can become involved in this type of marketing.

Any investment can yield large returns given the inexpensive nature of social media marketing. As a result, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are popular destinations, and even well-known corporations are using them to stay on the minds of the shopping public. By understanding who their target audience is and what site they are most likely to visit, businesses are able to tap into an enormous pool of potential customers.

Social Media Marketing is not produced and then reused. Therefore it is a constantly changing environment that requires successful users to keep their sites updated and provide valuable content that will intrigue the reader enough to return. It’s important to realize that used on its own it may falter. It is important that these accounts be used in conjunction with SEO techniques that draw in potential customers.

Is a Social Media Marketing Strategy worth the effort?

  • Twitter has 500,000 people signing into their accounts every month.
  • Instagram users upload 5 million photos every hour.
  • 10 million times every month on average there is mention of Fortune 100 companies on social media pages.
  • 87 percent of all Fortune 100 companies use social media sites
  • Videos uploaded to corporate accounts on YouTube average 2 million views each.
  • The latest company statistics from Facebook state that its monthly active viewers now include more than 1.35 billion people.

Social media today offers immense advertising potential. A slew of customers is waiting on social media sites to notice the next big thing. People love the opportunity to communicate instantly with companies, discover new products, and become more informed with just a single click. Engaging with customers in this manner will almost always result in an increase in sales. This also drives traffic to a corporate site.

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