Here’s how to Boost SEO through Social Media

Search engines continue to upgrade their algorithms to guarantee they are providing the best results for users. As more individuals turn to social networks, the search engines now place more importance on these sites when making these changes to their formulas. Social Media Practices to Boost SEO, as a result, must become a top priority of every business owner.

Following are 8 ways to boost SEO through the use of social media practices

  • Simply having a social presence won’t increase a site’s rank. Boost SEO by engaging with followers and provide interesting, relevant content. Social signals aren’t directly factored in but engagement and organic reach are.
  • A site blog presence influences SEO and social media. With the help of the blog, social shares increase, thanks to interesting topics that can be discussed in this manner. Be consistent with postings on the blog for the best results.

Organic always beats purchased

  • Increase social media followers organically to build authority. Don’t make the mistake, however, of purchasing followers. The search engines know you purchase followers and rank a site accordingly. It’s best to build a following by providing information followers wish to share, as their followers may like and follow the site.
  • External inbound links also boost a site’s authority, and social media encourages other sites to link to content. Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand so content must be of high quality.

Know your tools

  • Optimize posts on various social networks. When posting on Twitter, make certain to use a timely hashtag to increase short-term engagement. Rich media tends to be of help on other channels. Always consider keyword research when posting on social media sites.
  • Make use of Google Knowledge Graph and Google My Business immediately. Search engines use these tools when ranking sites, as they are helpful in evaluating web posts and social media. No business should be without these two resources.
  • YouTube and Google+ are both properties of Google, as a result, reference is shown to YouTube and Google+ when search engines rank a site. Be sure to optimize posts on the site for great results and include images.
  • Optimize posts for the local community. Doing so isn’t difficult. It simply requires an update when the business participates in a local event. To further benefit from this practice, be sure to interact with other businesses in the community on the social networking sites.

Social Media Practices directly influence a site’s ranking, but individuals must understand how. These are merely a few of the many ways a presence on social networks can help a site. Be sure to use them regularly for outstanding results.