Social Media Marketing Trends

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to enhance profits without investing large amounts of capital. While there are not many ways to accomplish that goal, entrepreneurs are discovering Social Media Marketing. When it’s coupled with search engine optimization (SEO), it can significantly increase profits. The trick here is to use Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin to carefully target likely customers. While it typically proves difficult for individuals to maximize returns on their Social Media investments, there are strategies professionals use that make the efforts worthwhile. At Digital Fitness, our goal is to prove the value of using Facebook and other popular sites to market your products and services.

Stay ahead of the Curve

Madison is a growing market, and it’s important to stay on top of current marketing trends to capture that growth. Our strategies take advantage of the way SEO and a solid Social Media Marketing Strategy actually overlap. While SEO efforts provide leads through making sure your organization is visible to potential clients searching Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, not all contemporary shoppers search using traditional methods. What they do rather than using Google is to ask friends on social media sites for advice.

That means a Facebook user explores available options without going to a search engine. Social media users are not shy about sharing their experiences and very often hit the like or share buttons on those sites, immediately exposing their contacts to the website they liked. Those shares then lead contacts to move directly to an organization’s website rather than going through the normal search process. That means those shoppers are immediately directed to your site. There’s no need to wade through the options offered by Google or Yahoo.

It takes more than a few words to fully explain the many benefits of Social Media Marketing. Digital Fitness knows you may still have concerns with the validity of using social media to boost profits. Our staff not only goes over all the benefits your organization can enjoy by incorporating a social media marketing strategy, but also how the strategy can easily fit into your marketing budget.

About Janis

Janis Henslee, President & CEO of Digital Fitness in Madison, WI, is an Entrepreneur in the marketing profession that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their marketing solutions through an All-Inclusive Marketing Membership. She spends most of her time helping business owners communicate their vision and grow their business through effective marketing. If you are considering hiring a Marketing company, contact Janis at (608) 977-1540.