Anyone Can Say They Can Handle Your Digital Marketing

During a recent conversation with some of our digital marketing colleagues, one made the remark that there are no degrees, licenses, or certifications required to tell people you’re qualified to do what we do. Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a “marketing consultant” and an “expert” in digital marketing, web design, web development, graphic design, SEO, etc. That’s like calling yourself a painter because you know which end of a paint brush to hold.

As we all know, that isn’t necessarily so.

Many businesses use freelancers, family members, friends, etc. to do their digital marketing. In their defense, they usually do this because they’re just looking for the lowest price (or free). Too often (and often, too late), the business learns that they’re relying on someone who simply does not have the training, knowledge, or experience required to do a quality job. So, while they may get a web site out of it (and many times they don’t even get that), that’s all they get. Which is the equivalent of tacking up a cardboard sign alongside the information super highway called the Internet. We know. We are frequently called in to finish the job – or clean up the mess.

At Digital Fitness, we hire professionals with college degrees and/or years of qualified and proven experience. For example, our CEO has a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing and 8 years of experience building digital marketing programs for many businesses. Our content writer has over 20 years’ experience creating sales and marketing content across multiple industries and channels.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Businesses often find it frustrating because they have to shop around and deal with multiple vendors to get all different the marketing services they need. Worse, when they get one thing done – say, design a logo – the web design from another vendor just doesn’t fit with the logo design and things look like parts cobbled together. There’s no flow, no cohesiveness.

When you work with the Digital Fitness team, you get a diverse variety of marketing services from which to choose. The advantages of working with Digital Fitness from the beginning include:

  • We understand your branding, so we make sure to cohesively maintain your brand throughout all your marketing efforts
  • You only have one point of contact, one bill to pay, and one company that is accountable for all your marketing services
  • You don’t have to start over with someone new when executing the next step in your marketing plan – we helped you craft it to begin with

If your business is in need of digital marketing, setup a free consultation with us.