SEO Improves Website Traffic for Madison Companies

In the past, websites often generated traffic even though the site might not have contained quality content. Today, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use complex algorithms to rank sites. A stagnant or poorly constructed site will no longer find its way onto the search engines’ all-important first pages. Madison’s business owners are quickly realizing that, to garner a share of the market, their websites need to take advantage of those algorithms rather than suffering because of them. We at Digital Fitness understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and just how vital it is to your website’s success.

Finding Your Right Solution

SEO directs traffic to your site using several strategies tailored to the specific needs of your company. In other words, we don’t believe that what works for one organization is the best solution for another. While some strategies may be similar in nature, each company website gets the unique care necessary to get them the search engine results pages (SERPS) necessary to increase traffic and, especially, sales. The local search engine optimization companies all claim to generate additional leads for their clients, but not all are as successful at generating organic results, which clients do not pay additional fees for. Our strategies are designed to generate organic results our Madison area clients can quickly turn to profits.

Maximizing Organically

How do we do what other search engine optimization companies don’t? We focus not only on maximizing organic search results, but also combining traditional SEO with other contemporary strategies. Things like social media marketing, which is rapidly proving to be invaluable to our Madison area clients. Our strategies also include more traditional approaches including press releases, videos, and articles to further enhance your site’s credibility.

We emphasize white hat SEO, which focuses on using only the most respected methods for enhancing your site traffic. By doing so, the odds of our clients running afoul of Google’s well-known penalties for less-than-ethical practices are minimized. We believe your integrity is an important business asset, and we design our services to present your organization in the best light. Check out some of the projects we work on and contact us today to start moving your website to the next level using the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies.

About Janis

Janis Henslee, President & CEO of Digital Fitness in Madison, WI, is an Entrepreneur in the marketing profession that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their marketing solutions through an All-Inclusive Marketing Membership. She spends most of her time helping business owners communicate their vision and grow their business through effective marketing. If you are considering hiring a Marketing company, contact Janis at (608) 977-1540.