SEO Article Writing Instructions

1. Word Count: Variable 500 (400-750 words).

2. Style: These articles should take a conversational, informal tone, including the use of personal pronouns such as ‘you’ (the reader).

3. These articles are instructive and as such should contain useful, concrete information and suggestions. Examples should be used wherever possible to highlight or illustrate the main points of the article.

4. Bullets should be used in each article to list our facts and use key phrases in those bulleted lists when possible. Important!

5. The articles should contain the latest relevant information concerning the topic, which means research will be required. The provider is responsible for the accuracy of information in the article.

6. A list of article topics will be supplied. Content: key phrases per article will be provided. Some statistical data, surveys, quotes, bullets for each article would help with credibility and interest.

7. Proper attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation is mandatory.

8. Plagiarism or any other breach of copyright is unacceptable. All work will checked against plagiarism using latest software.

Sample Article Page Optimization Chart

Article Page Optimization Chart


Rules are meant to be followed but in all cases sensibility must rule. It must make sense to a reader or change it.

File Name:

Use key phrase in file name. Usually just use article title which includes key phrase. Example: 1-badbreath, 2-gumdiseasetreatment

Primary Keyword:
(2-4% density)

Bad Breath (the phrase must be used between 2% and 4% of the total words used. MS Word has a word counter to make this easy.

Tier-1 Secondary Keywords:

Bad breath cure, bad breath cause, chronic bad breath (use in article – primary)

Tier-2 Secondary Keywords:

Bad breath remedy, bad breath treatment, get rid of bad breath, prevent bad breath, bad breath solution, stop bad breath, bad breath product, curing bad breath, bad breath natural remedy, eliminate bad breath treat bad breath, halitosis (use in article as additional phrases if possible)

Keyword Link:

Indicate a single link using the keyword phase ONLY that would lead back to our sales pages. Transition to a solution to the problem discussed in the article. Example: natural treatment for bad breath

Title tag:

“bad breath” should start title of article if possible
(not to exceed 64 characters if possible)

Heading 1 (H1):

”bad breath” must start heading

Heading 2 (H2):

“bad breath” in sub heading if any

Content (approx 500+ words):

“bad breath” must be used early in the first two paragraphs and last. Length not exact or that important except to get in the information needed.

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