Site speed is now being used as an SEO ranking factor
Mobile Search Algorithm Update Once again, another algorithm has changed. Who’s surprised? Now, starting this month, Google will throw your website farther down the mobile search list if it has a slow site speed on mobile devices. With most of our lives revolving around our smartphones (sad, but true), it is now more important than
New logo with trademark
Madison, Wisconsin, June 11, 2018: Digital Fitness is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand/logo, domain name and the addition of three new plan packages to help serve new and existing businesses that are looking for affordable options on their digital marketing. Members also find that since there is still a monthly
UX, short for User Experience, has become a buzzword in the design world, endorsed by designers and developers alike. This has led to some confusion when it comes to understanding UX vs UI Design. Even highly respected developers all too frequently claim to be talking about UX. In reality, they are discussing UI, or User
Creating and running a well-performing website is more than a matter of coming up with a user-friendly design. Or making assumptions that browsers will find their own way onto it. A good deal of the factors that influence a website’s popularity are actually operating well beneath the surface in the form of website metrics. Read