Why Should You Clear Your Cache?

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Do you ever get frustrated when your webpage won’t load the way you want it to? It is even more irritating when you swear you requested edits from your web developer, but nothing looks like it has changed! What are you paying them for anyway if they can’t do their job? Let’s take a breather.
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Making Your Website Real There are two distinct skills involved when we create your custom PHP web site – web design and web development. We’ve already described web design, where your Digital Fitness professionals focus on converting visitors to customers. Think of web design as making sure your web site is as visually appealing and

SEO… Is it Worth it?

Humorous jokes about SEO and not being on the first page of Google.
                “Research shows that websites on the first search engine results page receive almost 95% of web traffic, leaving only 5% for remaining search results pages.” ¹ So yeah, you definitely won’t find the body there. Take a moment and think: when was the last time you went
Posting blogs on other sites and liking back to yours can help boost your page rank.
Also see our post on Business Blogging Benefits for more information Get the most out of your investment in digital marketing by increasing your search ranking on the internet yourself! Digital Fitness clients can write guest posts for our blog on our web site. Your posts will link back to your web site, increasing your