Web developer's tips and tricks.
Ever wonder what goes on in a web developer’s mind? We asked our own, Kevin, for some insight as to what he wishes he would have known about coding before advancing into his web developing career. Here are a few of his pointers:   1. Realizing Which Programming Languages are Similar to One Another Once
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Verona, Wisconsin, September 1st, 2018: The local digital marketing agency formerly known as i5 LLC is doing business as Digital Fitness®. Digital Fitness® is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency, located in Madison, Wisconsin, with a nationwide clientele. At Digital Fitness®, we make your business our #1 priority. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you

Why Should You Clear Your Cache?

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Do you ever get frustrated when your webpage won’t load the way you want it to? It is even more irritating when you swear you requested edits from your web developer, but nothing looks like it has changed! What are you paying them for anyway if they can’t do their job? Let’s take a breather.
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Making Your Website Real There are two distinct skills involved when we create your custom PHP web site – web design and web development. We’ve already described web design, where your Digital Fitness professionals focus on converting visitors to customers. Think of web design as making sure your web site is as visually appealing and