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Brick-and-mortar businesses lose sales when staff members are rude or inattentive. In a similar way, online customers’ purchase decisions depend largely on the experiences they have on a business’ website. Below are several reasons businesses of all sizes should work with a professional local website design company. Creating a good user experience is essential.

Increased Credibility and Customer Confidence

Consumers are increasingly using search engines to find the services and products they need. Businesses can boost credibility with a properly designed website. If a company does not have a site, many customers will pass in favor of a more connected business. Over 80% of shoppers research products online before making a purchase and 61% use online reviews to aid their decision. Home-based businesses, in particular, can benefit from a strong web presence. Especially considering the lack a physical storefront in which services and products can be promoted.

Substantial Savings

Many small business owners believe they cannot afford Professional Website Design. In reality, they cannot afford to go without one. Although site development costs vary widely, once the site is established it is very affordable when compared to the expense of ongoing print ads. Considering the reach of a good website, it is a cost-efficient way to promote a business and increase sales.

Keeping Customers Updated

In a recent survey, over 85% of consumers said that search engine usage allowed them to learn something important to the decision-making process. Business owners should think of the corporate website as an online catalog or brochure. However, it is much easier to update information on services and products online than in a print catalog. A good website is a great way to let customers know about upcoming events, new services, products, and special promotions. Another fantastic benefit of a professionally designed website is that it facilitates customer interaction. When a company has a website, it is more open to customer feedback and can swiftly respond to customer questions and concerns.

24/7 Availability

A company website is always available to potential and regular customers. Its 24/7 accessibility offers customers the chance to review a company’s products or services outside of normal business hours. Over 12 billion web searches are done every month, and a company website ensures that the business will get maximum exposure. A website is almost like having an around-the-clock employee who does not mind working holidays and weekends. In today’s consumer-driven society, constant availability is a strong selling point.

A Website Makes it Easier for Companies to Target a Broad Market Segment

It’s been said that almost 250 million Americans use the internet at least once per day, and worldwide usage is estimated at roughly 2 billion people. Whether a company sells services or products, a website provides an alternate commerce location. For retailers, an e-commerce site is an easy way to sell products to a wider clientele, and it allows easier international brand building. A website is not just a local tool, it has a global reach. Most small business owners can only market to locally, but with Local Professional Website Design in Madison Wisconsin, the owner can take the company’s services and products across the country and around the world.

Competitors are Already Online

If a company is in competition with a business that is already online, they are at a distinct disadvantage, especially if the other company has a strong web marketing plan. A professionally designed website can help a small business owner level the field and display their work, regardless of the industry. By including an image gallery or portfolio, along with customer testimonials, a business owner can tell the world what makes the company unique.

An Online Presence Saves Time

It takes time for a business to provide its customers with information, whether it is done in person, in an email, or over the phone. With a website, a business owner can offer a substantial amount of information in a short time. Once the site is running, it is accessible to customers immediately and indefinitely. Constant availability saves time and money regardless of a business’ size.

Increased Revenue

According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), a small business with a quality website makes an average of $1.07 million more each year than a similarly sized business with no online presence. That works out to about 39% more revenue per year. If a business does not have a website, now is the right time to start.

As mentioned previously, lackluster sales staff can result in reduced sales and less repeat business. Companies of all sizes can face similar problems if they lack a website offering a good user experience. Give customers the information they need and encourage them to stay around long enough to make a purchase with Affordable website design.

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