Unfortunately, not all phone calls from people claiming to be associated with Google are a legitimate call from Google.

You may receive a phone call from Google to verify your business or confirm details for Google Maps. Or even a call from a Google account manager whom you’ve spoken with before.

Google does not:

Charge for inclusion in Google My Business or in Google Search.
Offer to improve your search ranking or manage your business’s online profile.
Ask you for your password or verification code. You should never provide sensitive information about your account (like your password and verification code) to a caller.

If you receive a robocall—a call placed with a recorded voice—for any of the above reasons, it is not from Google.

Report Robocall Scams

Robocall scams are automated phone calls using recorded messages. They may ask you to press a button to speak to a sales rep. Google doesn’t make these calls, so if it’s not a real person right from the start (and you didn’t request an automated call from us), it’s not Google.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals and companies who make these calls, even though they are breaking the law. Sometimes, robocalls falsely claim to be working “with Google” or “for Google” in an attempt to sell different schemes. Things such as online marketing services to unsuspecting individuals and companies.

These types of robocalls calls are illegal under U.S. law (unless you have given permission to receive them), and Google is never behind them.

Here’s what to do if you receive an unwanted automated robocall:

Hang up.
Prevent unwanted calls.
Report suspicious calls.
Help us track down robocallers.
Hang up.

If you receive an unwanted robocall from a recorded voice claiming to be Google or working with Google, first, hang up immediately. Second, do not press any key even if the voice recording prompts you to in order to speak with a live person or to be taken off the call list. Pressing a key may mean you will receive more unwanted calls.

Prevent unwanted calls.

The Federal Trade Commission has established a Robocalls resources website with additional information about robocalls and steps you can take if you receive one.

Take steps to protect yourself in the future from these types of situations:

Check out the FTC’s tips on how to handle unwanted calls.
Check with your phone company to see if they can block calls from any problematic numbers.
Register your personal number with the National Do Not Call Registry at:donotcall.gov/register/reg.aspx or call 1-888-382-1222.
Report suspicious calls.

If you continue to receive unwanted calls, first and foremost you can submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Go to: www.donotcall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222 to file a formal complaint. At this point you can also submit a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission.

Help us track down robocallers.

Google understands that these types of calls can be very bothersome—our own employees, their friends, and their families are often on the receiving end, too. We are actively working to try to put a stop to these calls. However, this isn’t always within our control; for example, callers may use untraceable phone numbers.

Help us track robocalls that falsely associate themselves with Google. Contact us directly via this webform and include the following information:

The caller’s company and contact information
Any emails or documentation received from the caller as part of a follow-up
Any additional information about the call
When might Google contact you?

You may receive a phone call from Google to verify your business or confirm business details for Google Maps or Google My Business. You may also receive a phone call about Google AdWords, Google Play or other Google products. Unless you specifically requested an automated call, a call from Google will always be from a live person, not a recorded voice. Any emails from Google should come from an email address ending in “@google.com.” See here for information on other types of scams.

Source: google.com/safetycenter

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