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Get the most out of your investment in digital marketing by increasing your search ranking on the internet yourself! Digital Fitness clients can write guest posts for our blog on our web site. Your posts will link back to your web site, increasing your web site’s domain authority and credibility. This will also increase the “off-page” SEO ranking of your web site, as these blogs will link back to your businesses’ web site

Useful, enjoyable content is the best SEO

Prospective customers respect a business that they feel has their best interests at heart – even if they don’t make money on it. Blog posting isn’t a sales pitch. However, writing about something specific to the product or services you sell is fine. Aim for helping them to make a good or better decision even if they don’t choose to give you their business right now. For example, topics for blogs can be answers to questions your customers have asked you, common misconceptions about the work you do, or things that people don’t often think of but they should. It’s a great big world out there, people talk and things change. You’re in this for the long haul, right? Give people a reason to come back and visit with you.

Remember that something fun can also be just as powerful – even more so – than always writing strictly about business-related topics. Share your values, connect on a human level. People like working with businesses they trust. Always remember the “social” aspect when using social media!

Digital Fitness is here for you

As your trusted expert, Digital Fitness will help guide you to success with guest blogging. To maximize the increased SEO benefit to your business, your blog post must:

  • Be totally original content – not posted on your web site, another blog, or anywhere else
    • Google compares what you post to everything else it can find on the internet and will actually downgrade your SEO ranking if it finds plagiarized text
  • Use a keyword, but not more than two times within the article- for example, “Plumber, plumbing, local plumbing contractor”
    • This is to avoid what’s called “keyword stuffing” which, again, can actually downgrade your SEO ranking
  • Mention the city where you do business
    • SEO bonus points for being specific here, and you want potential customers to know where you are, right?
    • For example, if you’re in Madison and someone from, say, New Mexico reads your blog post (it’s not called the “world-wide web” for nothing), you want them to know you won’t be able to serve them
  • Include an “about us” paragraph that provides your business name, contact information, and a brief description about your business. For example:
    • “At Digital Fitness, our aim is to not just consult our clients, but actually coach them so they have a thorough understanding of the nuances involved in modern digital marketing.