How To Sell To Knowledge Buyers

As consumers and your customers become more knowledgeable, better educated and have more freedom to make choices. It is important to understand how to sell to knowledge buyers.

In this article we shall provide some simple to follow tips, that will help you to sell more of your products or services to these educated and knowledgeable individuals.

Increased Knowledge Demands

The internet is a world changing library of information.  This results in customers who demand knowledge. They also expect you to be knowledge about their specific needs and requirements.

As a company it is vital that you get in sync with what your customers want. To understand their needs is a huge part of selling to savvy consumers. Your company has to develop an almost zen like ability to understand what your specific customers want. By developing this understanding you and your company will be able to easily match their requirements and sell more products or services. The result, more revenue and greater success. This ability to understand what your customers wants is called situational knowledge.

Capability knowledge is when you combine situational knowledge with a product or service. You solve a problem and offer a solution. You tailor your service/product to that exact issue. You then display your knowledge to reinforce your “expert status”.  Knowledgeable buyers already understand your product features and benefits. What they are looking for is a solution that will dramatically impact their personal environment.

 Grab The Horse By The Reins

 When consumers and educated buyers enter your sales funnel, they enter at a different point then normal customers. They often enter much lower down the funnel. This means that your sales teams and your marketing has to be able to quickly answer their specific questions.

There is little point highlighting  all your product benefits, when a customer knows that and wants their specific problem solved. If you do not respond to their issues almost immediately it is unlikely that, that educated buyer will continue down the sales process. No further down the sales process equals no sale!

In summary you and your organization need to develop the skills and capabilities, that knowledgeable buyers want. You require situational knowledge ( knowing what your customers specifically want) and capability knowledge ( fulfilling or solving their specific problem). You will then have to understand that educated and savvy buyers enter your sales funnel at a different point.

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