FAQs About Web Design Schools

What options do I have for an online web design degree?


There are a variety of different web design degrees offered through online programs. Aspiring web designers can pursue diplomas and certificates or associate and bachelor degrees online. An online degree is a great option for many students. It allows working students the convenience of creating their own schedules and working at their own pace. Online students find that their online degree program fits seamlessly into their lives. There are plenty of options for online study; chances are all online students will find the right web design program for them.

Is an online degree better than a traditional degree?

The degree itself is no better or worse. Online degrees are becoming universally accepted and thought of as being equal to traditional degrees. But an online program might be a better choice for a student, depending on their lifestyle. People with full-time jobs, families, and other commitments like the convenience of studying at home and the flexibility of designing their own schedule. The choice really depends on your own personal lifestyle. If you feel as if you will learn better in a classroom with peer-to-peer interaction, a traditional degree program is probably your best bet. If you like the idea of working alone, at your own pace, an online degree might work well for you.

What should I look for when choosing a good web design school?

A good web design program will have a faculty that keeps up with changes in the industry. Technology changes rapidly, and your instructors need to know what’s current and what’s coming down the pike. They should be familiar with the latest operating systems and software and should teach the latest and greatest in the program. You might also consider looking for a school with a good career services department, one that offers assistance with resume development and has connections with area employers.

What kind of degree should I get?

The kind of degree you should work toward really depends on how long you want to be in school and what your career goals are. If you want a short-term education that focuses solely on web design training, a certificate or diploma program might be the best option. An associate’s degree is great for someone who wants to get a little more in-depth with general education courses as well as the whys and hows behind web design. A bachelor’s degree in web design is always a great option for the student who wants to commit four years to a thorough, well-rounded education. A bachelor’s degree, too, is usually the degree chosen by students who aspire to management positions.

Should I do an internship?

Internships are always a great idea, no matter what the field. For a web design major, an internship provides both hands-on, real-world experience and contributions to a portfolio. Graduates with internship experience look more promising to prospective employers than those without. Another added benefit of an internship is that it gives you an opportunity to make sure you’ve chosen the right career path.

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