Are you mining your POT of GOLD?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any business, big or small. Email marketing, on average, has over a 100% return on investment. Email marketing allows you to reach your client directly to their fingertips and manage the content they are engaging with. At Digital Fitness our approach to email marketing is simple, create highly engaging emails, assist in managing your contacts into segments or groups and track the performance of your campaigns. With a solid email marketing plan that is incorporated into your other marketing services, you will see a return and profit on your investment.

Do You Need Email Marketing?

If you have a website and are driving traffic to your website, then you need do email marketing. Email marketing gives you the ability to contact your clients, prospects, leads even after they leave your website. A few benefits of email marketing,

Increase repeat visits to your site. – over 70% of website visitors will not return without an email follow up or providing them with valuable content.

Build a loyal following – Repeat Visitors are more likely to convert into customers. It typically takes 3-4 times to your website to convert a prospect to a customer.

Increase sales – Email conversions always outperform both social and organic search traffic.

Graphic Design

We can help with yard signs, vehicle wraps, apparel and beyond.

Web Design

We can help with yard signs, vehicle wraps, apparel and beyond.


We can help with yard signs, vehicle wraps, apparel and beyond.

Social Media

We can help with yard signs, vehicle wraps, apparel and beyond.

Segment & Conquer

Understanding who you are sending what email to is crucial to your email’s success. An email list or segment is a set group of people who fit into one or more categories, i.e. customers, prospects, quoted but never closed, etc. Email lists get 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns and organic searches. This makes sense if you think about the reasons that make email incredibly powerful. These reasons are; Email is personal, targeted, owned by only you, one to one, and it is used several times a day.

Why Get Digitally Fit with Email

At Digital Fitness our goal is to provide our clients with an end to end solution for you to Get Fit. Get Found. Stand Out. Email marketing is one tool in our holistic approach to marketing. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every campaign is strategically optimized to reach your customers and return on your investment. Our team of experts tracks your KPIs, campaign performance, and open and click rate. We assist or clients to choose and select the best platform to meet their needs, fit into their budget and garner results.

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