Business owners often hire consultants in to design their store and to configure their displays for maximum visual impact. This same attention to the structure of the retail space should also be considered in a website, which is an online retail outlet.

Unfortunately, many businesses in and close to Madison, WI, fail to take full advantage of this online selling space. Companies like Digital Fitness can revamp an old website or create something completely new to give your digital presence a full makeover.

When there are old styles and trends in web design on your Madison, WI, business website, it sends a message to consumers. It gives your company an old, outdated or poorly maintained look, just as old displays can make a retail store look out of date.

What to Update 

Knowing what to update or what to include in a new website design is more than just knowing the trends. It is also about effective use of the website, creating visually and aesthetically pleasing sites, and making a website easy to navigate.

  • White space – white space does not have to be white, but it has to be blank. White space is effective in creating borders and boundaries as well as highlighting important information and making the site easy to read and navigate.
  • Fonts – using a consistent font with consistent spacing, headers and page setup is also critical. This provides the user with clearly predictable page formats to allow for easy location of items on the page.
  • Engaging images – today’s websites are about engaging and unique images, and not using a group of images or image overload. Knowing how to select a central image and build a web page around it is an essential part of a well-designed site.

It is also a must for any new website to use responsive design. This allows the page to display across any device, which increases traffic to your site from mobile devices.

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