Arm Yourself with an eCommerce Platform for Greater Sales Success

With the world fully immersed in the digital era, having a website is important. Almost as important as offering superior products and services. Choosing the appropriate platform for an online business is vital to success. You’ll find plenty of online platforms available on which to build your company’s website but, if you’re in business to sell products, one designed specifically for eCommerce could make a considerable difference in your bottom line.

Shopping and WordPress

More than 60 percent of today’s consumers say they prefer online shopping over the traditional route. More than 80 percent turn to the Internet for research before making a purchase. If your website is on a WordPress platform, you’re missing out on a considerable number of leads. WordPress is primarily for content management purposes. While it may allow you to more quickly and easily update information about what you have to offer or add in pictures of new merchandise, it doesn’t cater to the shopping public.

For starters, an eCommerce platform is going to be readily indexed and more highly ranked on SERP’s when consumers type keywords pertaining to your business into their search engines. Search-optimized WordPress sites may earn spots among the first page of Google. They’re not going to be fully recognized as shopping portals though. This little trick of ingrained coding could drive visitors to your site to learn more about your industry. Then it will send them elsewhere to make a purchase. You’d essentially be giving ammunition to the enemy.

Aside from working in your favor when concerned with SEO, an eCommerce website will provide better functionality for the spending public. People have quickly given up and moved on to another company when presented with navigational issues. A platform generating a more user-friendly shopping experience is far more likely to keep you in their good graces. With true eCommerce website, viewers will have a wider array of payment options and peace of mind regarding online security. Once you tally up all the advantages, relying on WordPress to foster sales just doesn’t make a great deal of business sense.

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