Making Your Website Real

There are two distinct skills involved when we create your custom PHP web site – web design and web development. We’ve already described web design, where your Digital Fitness professionals focus on converting visitors to customers. Think of web design as making sure your web site is as visually appealing and persuasive as possible. Closely related but vital to the overall success of your web site is web development, where we make sure your web site runs as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Think of web development as writing all the code that drives your web site.

What’s behind the scenes really does matter

There are many options for building the actual “engine” that drives your web site. At Digital Fitness, we build each site from the ground up so we have maximum control. Using PHP, HTML, and CSS programming languages, our professional web developer custom-crafts the code to make your web site do what you tell us you want it to do.

But, wait – what exactly is “PHP”, “HTML”, and “CSS” and why should I care?

Think of it this way:

  • HTML provides what you see – pictures, text, video clips, etc. – when you look at a web site using the web browser program on your computer.
  • CSS manages the appearance of a web site – fonts, layout, popups when you hover your mouse over something, etc.
  • PHP is what makes a web site do things, like search for words on a page of a web site, or click to buy something, leave a comment, or send a message to the business.

Expert application of these software tools is what sets Digital Fitness apart.

Here’s the benefit to you


With our custom-built sites, things load much faster because they aren’t weighed down by all the extras that “do it yourself” blogging and generic web site programs tack on – for example, far less efficient page coding and continually bugging you to upgrade or add things.

Speed is especially critical for mobile where speed is king. Our custom sites use less of your mobile data because the pages are generally smaller, depending on the functionality you need. If the same page was made on one of the DIY sites it would require significantly more code and mobile data that slows your web site down.


With our custom-built sites our web developer creates everything. Coding our web sites from the ground up provides complete control for both our web developer and you. By complete control I mean that everything and anything on the web site can be changed. With DIY sites you’re pretty much restricted by pre-defined themes. So, you’re stuck with whatever features the theme you choose provides. Any premium features you need are a la carte for an additional cost for each. These features, or “plug-ins”, inevitably add more coding to the site because they’re tacked on after the fact. With our custom-built sites, these tools are built right into the initial code for each page based on your needs, thus both saving space and increasing the response time speed of your web site.

Put our expertise to work for you!

No matter if you’re looking to refresh your online identity or you’re planning the debut of a new company, turn to the experts at Digital Fitness for all of your web site development needs. We’ll work with you and your team to discuss your goals and develop a site that inspires customers to take the next step. To learn more about all of our creative offerings or schedule an appointment with a member of our staff, give Digital Fitness a call at 608.977.1540 or contact us online today.