Manage it all in one place.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system manages your most critical customer and prospect information all in one place. A CRM allows you to manage your sales process, send consistent marketing messages via email or on social media, assign tasks and follow for your sales teams and track performance. Having a strategy for your CRM ensures that you are delivering superior customer value.


1. There is no single source for information – all your customer data is spread out over emails, excel spreadsheets, ERP’s and or just in the order information.

2. There is little or no visibility into your customers or sales performance- this makes it difficult to help your customers spend more with you and keep your sales team accountable.

3. Reports are Hard to Share-Generating sales teams performance reports should take less than 5 minutes

4. Resale/upsell opportunities are lost – if you are not targeting prospect’s messages based on their value to the business, a CRM will only add value to your business.

5. You are ready for your business to grow.

At Digital Fitness we focus on using a CRM to help your company achieve your goals. Our first step in the approach is to implement a strategy and identify your goals, assist you in optimizing your current CRM or selecting the appropriate CRM that will allow you to reach and exceed your goals. We then break those goals into smaller objectives and set out the roadmap for success. This method increases adoption from your sales team, increase completion of objectives and prioritize efforts.

At Digital Fitness we understand the complications or burden one might feel when implementing a CRM. However, we have a set plan and process in place to take that worry away and create an efficient and engaging process to implement the CRM into your business. Sales training and engagement is included and pivotal to the adoption of your system. CRM’s have been proven to increase sales by 41% but if you don’t have adoption of your sales teams, the growth will take longer to achieve. We have engaging training and one on one options available to meet with your teams to train, engage and adopt the systems that help meet your company’s goals

Track Your Prospects – Turn Them Into Customers

Your customers are valuable to you and you have invested in your product and service to earn their business. So investing in a CRM is another way to ensure your customers are customers for life. Returning customers are much more valuable, spending an average of nearly double what a new customer would spend. Using a CRM allows you to capture data at every stage in your buyer’s journey. Using this data in your marketing will provide valuable insight into your customers’ needs and be able to send them customized marketing at the exact moment they need it.

Customize Your Own CRM to Meet Your Goals

Every business has its own unique set of challenges and no CRM will be able to account for every possible encounter. However, having a strategy and an expert on your side, allows you an edge over your competition. Our experts have worked with hundreds of businesses to build their unique plans, optimize their CRMS, increase sales and drive business. Our experts are certified in the top CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, ZOHO and others, however, we can review your current CRM and assist you in optimizing your current platform as well. Contact us to start the process to level up your marketing!


  • Review of current CRM Platform
  • Discovery to determine the best CRM Platform
  • Evaluation segmentation of lists
  • Discussion with sales and leadership regarding current process &systems
  • Give Expert Review & Discussion
  • Create a Strategy & Suggestion Plan
  • Set benchmark goals for CRM


  • • 90 Min meeting with expert and leave with goals established and plan for implementation.


• Establish:

  • Evaluate & Determine goals
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Client Profiles established
  • Reports created & generated
  • Training Schedule Created

• 3 Templates created in platform

Evaluate & determine goals
Customer segmentation
Client profiles established
Reports created & generated
Training schedule created
Templates created in platformUp to 3 emails per monthUp to 5 emails per monthUp to 7 emails per month
Content written & graphics formattedUp to 3 graphics per monthUp to 5 graphics per monthUp to 7 graphics per month
One 30 meeting per month to review content and ideas