Content Marketing Strategy

Since the need for developing a quality Content Marketing strategy is well established, the next question them becomes, how do companies create the content to be used in their online campaigns? Some companies will use in-house staff to create content, but that’s not always a good idea. Others tend to hire content writing services, but don’t take full advantage of their skills. Others simply ignore their site’s content. Each of those options fail to recognize the power of content marketing and how it’s used to generate profits.

Why Isn’t Using Someone In-House to Write Content a Good Idea?

It isn’t always a bad idea to take advantage of a staff member’s expertise, but the simple fact is that most people don’t write in a style that’s proven to be effective for online marketing campaigns. They might be great technical writers, but online readers rarely want articles filled with unfamiliar jargon. They want articles that are easily read and relevant to their real needs.

Isn’t Using a Content Marketing Specialist Too Expensive for Small Companies?

There are content specialists who charge thousands of dollars per year for their services. Startup and smaller companies have less expensive options available to create their content. There are ghost writers who commonly create content for sites on a regular basis, and that option is generally quite affordable. Marketing experts routinely work with outside experts who are familiar with an industry and create quality copy for marketing campaigns.

What Impact Does Quality Content Have on Marketing Results?

While different studies tout different results, every industry expert suggests content generated specifically for a company dramatically enhances a company’s bottom line. They also support the idea that businesses not taking full advantage of providing quality content as a part of their marketing strategy are likely to suffer a loss in market share as competitors adopt their own strategies. Most experts strongly recommend building an inbound marketing methodology that includes a variety of content to attract new clients and retain existing customers.

Writing quality content, and refreshing it frequently, isn’t really the forte of most business owners. Even owners or staff members who do write well generally have other duties demanding their attention. Enlisting a quality content marketing expert is, as a rule, the best way to develop and implement a strategy and make sure marketing efforts keep up with current trends. To get started, contact an expert for help today.

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