Content Marketing Strategies

The way people shop is rapidly evolving. Rather than relying on traditional advertising, today’s consumers are ignoring print, television, and other product-specific ads in favor of online ads focusing on informational content. Content Marketing, as the strategy is aptly named, defines a target demographic group and provides information directed to that group. The aim is attracting traffic that’s ready to buy. It’s less about selling a product and more about establishing a relationship and changing consumers’ behaviors, but the end result is the same – consumers purchase the items they read about online.

How the Market is Changing

In the past, consumers typically saw ads on television, heard one on the radio, or were exposed to print media. These contained a specific ad designed to market a product. The techniques employed for digital marketing differ significantly. The vast majority of consumers now look for information as opposed to advertising. They want to know how a product is going to benefit them. The online marketing experts suggest that evolution is likely to accelerate rather than decline in the future. That means companies must explore different approaches to using content to communicate with both existing and potential clients. Working with an online marketing expert is a great way to find a balance between content marketing and Native Advertising.

What Do Customers Want to See?

Currently, market statistics suggest consumers want information. As a rule, they want articles that are actually informative rather than simply sales pitches. They also tend to favor infographics and case studies. Videos, while gaining in importance with the upsurge in mobile device use, still rank well below informative articles. Startup and smaller businesses, especially, may need the help of experts to dive into the realm of developing an effective content marketing strategy if they expect to garner a significant return on investment.

Is Content Marketing Expensive?

The current costs are, literally, all over the board. There are inexpensive options available, but it’s always a good idea to ascertain the expertise level of anyone offering services for what appear to be bargain prices. On the other hand, there are marketing agencies charging well over $20,000 per month. Obviously that’s well beyond the budgets of most start-up and smaller companies.

It’s also important to carefully analyze the costs associated with native advertising campaigns and their return on investment when exploring marketing strategies. Native advertising is not inexpensive, and often it not only fails to reach the target demographic, but also is not as effective as today’s content marketing. That’s where the expertise of a marketing expert can really make a difference, as they work with clients exploring new avenues to compare before investments are finalized.

Who Is Really Using a Content Marketing Strategy?

Today, 90% of marketers use this form of content marketing. This is regardless of their size or the types of industries they are in. That means, for most companies, their competition is already on board with content marketing. It also means that, unless your company takes the plunge, you’re likely to lose market share. Remember that today’s consumers are already using the content savvy site owners are posting to make buying decisions. This heightens the importance of developing and implementing a sound online marketing plan both for today and extending into the future.

There is no going back to older native advertising strategies. They simply don’t work as well today as they did in the pre-smartphone era. Shoppers rely on information they see online and make buying decisions based on articles, videos, and white papers they view online. To move a business to the next level, discuss your goals with a content marketing expert today.

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