Competitive Analysis = Competitive Advantage

Backward engineering your true competitor’s web sites is mandatory if you intend to win in your online market. The good news is that your online competition is very limited and luckily you only need to concentrate on a few of them to reveal what you really need to do to win! (Glad we got that out of the way early)

While it is popular to guess what Google / search engines want, it’s far more effective to give them what they tell you they want. By backward engineering your top ranking competitors, you can learn what the search engines value and then eliminate or duplicate their strategies and tactics. You need to do this in order to (sooner than later) “get what they get” and to achieve an advantage and rank higher by improving on their efforts.

Competitive research is half art and half science. The combination of theory and experience sets our research apart. With 200+ websites we own and manage for ourselves, our clients get to “piggy back” on our experience and reap the rewards of our “in the trenches” ranking warfare.

If this makes sense to you, jump on board and contact us! We will reveal our strategy details as part of your market analysis long before you ever decide to send a penny on our services.

We are glad to prove our knowledge and results “before’ you decide to work with us. Get in touch with us now and learn on our dime. You have tons to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Market & Keyword Research Your First Step in the Right Direction

Trust Your Keyword Research to Anyone Other Than a Real Expert and Kiss Your Search Rankings Goodbye!

Make no mistake about it; keyword research is “THE” most important work in order to assure your online success. This is your first step towards your goal so it had better be right.

I realize this may seem like a kindergarten level task and there are many keyword tools that will generate a very large list of keywords and search phrases. You are also not likely to hear much about this from your web designer, SEO expert, or online marketing guru except to say, they do it.

There is much more to this extremely important work than meets the eye or that most “so called experts” even know to do to ensure high search engine rankings. Concepts like theming, which to the “everyday” person again sounds rather simple, but remember this is a highly technical concept and it’s only what the search engines algorithm ranks that matters.

I could throw out lots of jibber jabber that you couldn’t care less about except that it is a very important. But understand this: target the wrong phrases and even if you rank for them…you get no sales.

Do not trust your keyword research to anyone other than a real keyword expert or you will “kiss your high search rankings goodbye.”

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