Ever wonder what goes on in a web developer’s mind? We asked our own, Kevin, for some insight as to what he wishes he would have known about coding before advancing into his web developing career. Here are a few of his pointers:


1. Realizing Which Programming Languages are Similar to One Another

Once I learned JavaScript, I started exploring PHP and Python. Soon I realized these language’s syntax (or words of code) were so similar. Had I known that when I started JS, I would have been more excited about what I could be capable of building.

2. Sass Helps Organize My Files

I’m more of a creative person, so I’m drawn to CSS naturally. I wish I had learned the preprocessor, Sass, sooner than I had, because it really helps me organize my files for easily navigating when I need to make any changes.

3. The Grid is the Way to Go

Learning about CSS Grid has revolutionized the way I build websites. It wasn’t necessarily around when I first started as a web developer, so I held off on learning it. Now I can use Grid with Flexbox and create some amazing structures to all my webpages.

4. Coding By Hand is Worth the Wait

In the beginning I used Bootstrap to help me build sites quickly instead of coding by hand. I feel this delayed my capabilities on being a truly great web developer because I relied on bootstrap too heavily. Now I have learned how to code most everything by hand, and supplement things with bootstrap as needed. The difference is, knowing how to build elements by hand allows me to have immense control over the design and layout of webpages.

Really great video from a developer I follow (Dylan Isreal) about the handicaps of bootstrap.